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My Crossed-paradigm Communications Experience


[This note is adjunct to ‘The Role of Media/Newspapers in Community Dynamics’]


There is a problem in trying to communicate with others when one’s understanding is in a different ‘paradigm.’

The different paradigms can be described with the help of the following picture of the earth’s biosphere and comparing it with the skin of an apple;

the health of the biosphere is the health of one thing, as with the health of the apple-skin

The health of the biosphere is like the health of the skin of the apple.  In mathematical terms, the space on the surface of a sphere is a non-Euclidian space wherein everything is relative to everything else.  There are no absolute locations in this space, so that if anything moves, it can only move relative everything else in that space and since there is motion, it is continuous motion involving everything; i.e. the biosphere is continually transforming in a spatial-relational sense. (more…)

Resistance to ‘Updating’ Biological and Medical science with ‘the New Physics’


What is holding up the ‘updating’ of ‘biological science’ and ‘medical science’ in the light of a more comprehensive ‘new physics’?

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Dr. Jeanne Keegan-Henry on the Medical Establishment’s suppression of ‘outside-of-theory’ remedies

“C. difficile is ‘always in the hospital”, says Dr. Keegan-Henry, intimating that the remedy is not in waging a war against c.difficile but re-storing floral balance in the digestive tract through probiotic therapy.  She goes on to say that people are DYING UNNECESSARILY because the Medical Establishment (which she compares to a runaway supertanker or ‘Titanic-with-no-one-at-the-helm’) suppresses the administering of remedies that ‘don’t fit medical establishment theory’ [the medical establishment “blocks the best medicine”].

What is wrong with the medical establishment’s theory/model? (more…)

Reconciling Holistic and Western Medicine


material forms are; (a) constructed from bits/pieces, or, (b) ripples within energy-flow?

The development of material form, behaviour and organization has historically/culturally been seen/understood in two evolutionarily-opposite ways;

(a) inside-outward determined material dynamics as in Western biological sciences

(b) outside-inward – inside-outward energy transformation as in the new physics

In (a), ‘genie-like genes’ have the wherewithal to manage the genesis-by-construction of the material organism (e.g. human ‘being’).  In (b), material forms are ripple-structures that gather and re-gather in the evolving energy-charged spatial plenum [‘field’]

While (b) is supported by relativity and quantum physics, (a) is a ‘guess’ that gives the black-box response ‘genes’ to the question; “from whence comes the development of material form, behaviour and organization?”

This ‘hocus pocus’ answer to ‘what is life?’, which assumes inside-outward directed genesis, continues to play a primary foundational role in our globally dominating Western social dynamic, although new biological research is rapidly enlarging the ranks of ‘post-Darwinist’ and ‘post-Genetics’ [‘hologenomic’] scientists. (more…)

Updating Psychology: Logic of the Included Third


Summer Solstice Essay, 2011

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Video from Stonehenge 2010. Music by Heretics

The world is in a mess and we are having a devil of a time trying to understand why we behave the way we do, individually, and collectively, and ‘psychology’ does not seem to have any answers.  In fact, psychology has been born and bred by those whose inquiry is ‘analytical’, hence the terms ‘psychoanalysis’, ‘Jungian analyst’ etc., and the practice of taking an individual into a safe haven where he can ‘open up’ and divulge to himself, the genetic sources of his own behaviour.

Whatever happened to ‘field’ as in physics, wherein outside-inward influence predominates over inside-outward influence?

[See also ‘A Field View of Logic’]


San Francisco: Can it be Simulated?


An exciting point through which the world is expressing itself

San Francisco is the name of a place that has a lot of ‘romance’ to it.   The historical narrative of its genesis is at the same time, a historical narrative of change going on around the world, the unravelling of the old ways of the old world, the threads of which were being spun into the surprising and exciting artefacts of the new world including this gem of a city on the west coast of North America.  The richness and diversity of the entire world and its deep-rooted cultural traditions is the weave that San Francisco is made of, and those ‘threads’ continue to serve as an electrical connective webbing that makes ‘San Francisco’ a bright point through which the global plenum expresses itself. (more…)

Open Letter of Tribute to Brigette DePape … with video


Brigette DePape 'sends a message' during Throne Speech

Dear Brigette,

There is something I can feel that is going on in this picture of you holding the ‘Stop Harper’ sign that is not showing up in the picture.

It is ‘tension’. (more…)

The World in a Grain of Sand


electron microscans of plankton (radiolaria skeletons, less than .1mm)

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
 And Eternity in an hour

-William Blake, ‘Auguries of Innocence’

The radiolarians are among the most beautiful microbial eukaryotes.  They are significant components of the marine plankton and are characterized by mineralized cytoskeletal components that appear as nested spheres and spines; so that they often look like as tiny free-floating star-bursts.

When large numbers of them and their planktonic relations get together, they look like this; (more…)

A Brief History of the Anima Motrix


Pamphleteering: - Islands Independent photo

My inquiry into ‘what is not going right’ in our mainstream society has now piled up more than 30,000 hours, which, at minimum wage, would have a value of over $250,000.  Here is my latest ‘free’ report. (more…)

What is Politics Doing to Community?


When God sprinkled the earth with humans or when they climbed out of clam-shells as in Haida Creation Myth, they were quickly attracted to oases, forest groves, green valleys, snug harbours and paradisiacal islands, like iron filings attracted to magnets.  ‘Community’ thus evolved, in the ‘habitat-orchestrates-the-inhabitants’ manner as Nietzsche has described it; “evolution is a process of diffusion in which outside-inward flow predominates over inside-outward flow.”  That is; the dynamics of habitat orchestrate the dynamics of the inhabitants; when a tree grows tall and sprouts dates, it orchestrates tree-climbing behaviour in humans; ditto for valley corn, prairie grain, forest game and marine fisheries. (more…)

On ‘disliking’ the cultural CUSTOM of celebrating birthdays


On my ‘dislike’ of our cultural CUSTOM of celebrating birthdays

(parties/celebrations and exchange of best wishes are great, but can’t we trigger them differently?  [and avoid cyclic repetition])

just in case anyone is interested, my dislike of our custom of celebrating birthdays is explained as follows. (more…)

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